Boost Your Self Esteem and Self Confidence Now

Does your self esteem disappear when you need it most?

Do you dread speaking in front of groups? Do you worry that a queasy stomach will become a full-on panic attack? Perhaps you’ve got exams, a driving test, a crucial business meeting and you can’t imagine getting through … at least not successfully.

Self Esteem affects everything from body image to career success.

If your level of self esteem is is more like self-sabotage, imagine believing that you can live the life you want.

“This work is life changing. I’m so glad I found you” ~ Social Worker, London

“I’ve never come across sessions like yours.~ Psychotherapist, London

“Thank you for getting me through a crisis.” ~ Graphic Designer, London

 build self acceptanceBuild Your Self Esteem

If you’re stuck feeling bad about yourself, remember the thought patterns driving you are often unconscious. That’s why the ‘repeat button’ keeps getting pressed.

arrowRelease the ‘Old Self Image’

Your ‘Old Self Image’ wants things to stay as they are. Well, that means you’ll be safe … but you won’t grow! Why not learn how you can begin building your ‘Dream Life’?

wingsLearn to Live Creatively

 It’s hard being creative when ‘old thinking’ stomps on new ideas. You can rewire your thoughts … and move beyond your comfort zone to more creative living.

Is ‘Self Esteem’ just self obsession …?

Self esteem, self confidence, self worth … these are buzz words today. And many people – maybe even you – believe focusing on your ‘self’ is selfish because it’s taken as self indulgence or self pity. But if you’re feeling anxiety and depression and you doubt your value – believing that self interest is self indulgent isn’t helping you.

Low self esteem impairs your ability to act effectively for yourself and others. When self doubt compromises your courage and personal power, you make poor choices which undermine your best interests. Self-belief changes everything – from poor body image, fear and depression – into self acceptance and trust in your ability to make positive changes.

I know about this personally, as I made the shift from living like a ‘rabbit in the headlights’ to personal freedom and flow. I’m grateful for all I’ve learned and I’m inspired to support you in finding a way forward. With a safe and effective mix of techniques, we’ll build self-esteem, self-belief and self-confidence, so you can start living your life the way you want.


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