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About me – Denise Welsh, Your Self Esteem Coach

Here’s a little bit about me, Denise Welsh.

I’m a high sensitive, an empath and a fourth generation intuitive with English and Anglo-Indian ancestry.

I discovered that my work is making sense of an insensitive world for myself and other highly sensitive people. Therefore, I decided to train as a therapist and healer.

As an expat, I grew up often feeling like a fish out of water. My parents had come as first generation immigrants to the United States. As a teenager when I was looking for ways to fit into my surroundings, my parents were not in a position to show me how.

Because I needed to overcome my own self esteem and confidence issues, I know what works. And now I’m inspired to show you how amazing you are.

As a child, self consciousness stopped me from stepping out of the shadows. It was hrough counselling that I came to understand – that as a ‘high sensitive’ –  I was lacking the self belief to try for the things I secretly wanted.

A safe place to discuss personal concerns …

For me, it helped to be heard without judgement, to begin working out what needed to change. Ultimately, I came to understand it all comes down to confidence and self esteem. Self esteem, derived from self belief, is the foundation for success in all areas of life. This is the essence of courage.

For more than a decade, I’ve been a therapist and coach working with cutting-edge disciplines, which are proving to be the most effective ways to promote lasting, positive change.

Now, my inspiration is to support clients to move beyond damaged self esteem, depression and anxiety. Offering clients a set of strong tools for building self belief, I have been privileged to help clients advance steadily in their careers, to present at the highest levels, to overcome personal challenges and create rewarding relationships.

My greatest reward comes from sharing my knowledge by coaching people about the level of self esteem and self belief they need to be and do their best, in accordance with their heart’s desire.

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