Case Studies

To give an idea of what happens in sessions, I have compiled some case studies.

If you are considering therapy or coaching, you want assurance that you are choosing a professional who is skilled, ethical, and trustworthy. Above all, you will want to work with someone who will make a difference to your life.

The themes that are dealt with testify to the courage, resiliance and grace of people who set out on a course of profound personal change.

Client confidentiality

Talking about what I do … for me it’s important to recognise the sensitive nature of what is discussed in sessions. Often the people at my door have had their trust violated, sometimes for many years or from an early time. Therefore self protection muscles need to be developed and strengthened.

Duty of Care

My committment to ‘Duty of Care’ requires that I do all I can to support the development of healthy self protection strategies and appropriate boundaries.

I have heard from clients about all kinds of trust issues, ranging from parents reading private diaries to instances when the responsible adults were oblivious to all the screaming signs of abuse. And I have heard about the tragic loss of a child, a spouse, or a country.

Our natural response to distress is to seek an easeful way to hold such events, so we can resume life and keep on going.

For me, this territory is not appropriate for testimonials. For this reason, I do not ask clients to provide them. However, all of us want reassurance that the next ‘turn round the dance floor’ will be a positive experience. Furthermore, you will want to know that this investment in yourself will support positive change.

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