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Most of us are doing our best to get by, trying to thrive, while we remain unaware that the underlying beliefs we have about ourselves will actually sabotage our efforts.

The phrase ‘underlying belief’ refers to the kinds of thoughts we tend to keep secret, even from ourselves. A key indicator that your underlying beliefs are working against you is when you say that you want something … it feels like you’re committed to it … but  it just isn’t happening. This suggests a mismatch between what you say you want and what you believe you can have.

Our secret doubts can trip us up as we walk out the door to go about our business as intelligent and competent adults. That’s why my work focuses on underlying or ‘core beliefs’ that can hurt you and disrupt your progress … without your even knowing.

Open a window to life's opportunities

Open a window to life’s opportunities

What are underlying or ‘core beliefs’?

Let’s say that you wake up one day, thinking “Wait a minute …” The circumstances of your life are not how you want them to be. As a result, you can experience persistent worry, anxiety and even depression. Sometimes, you will know the root cause of your distress. However there are times when the cause of emotional discomfort and unsupportive habits and behaviour patterns are a puzzle.

My work is focused on the relief and resolution of anxiety and depression and the release of negative beliefs, particularly those that hover just outside of conscious awareness.

Mindful that a healthy level of self esteem is essential for creating a firm foundation for success in all areas of life, I’ll support you using different techniques which are tailored for you and your circumstances to build self esteem … self belief … self confidence and self appreciation … so you can lead the life you want to lead, the way you want.

Issues I focus on include:

Depression Relief
Being Sensitive and Gifted in an insensitive world
Coaching Support for Expatriates
• Overcoming the Impact of Trauma

In a session I may use one or a combination of the following processes:

• Cognitive Behavioural Coaching – a reality check
• Emotional Freedom Techniques – letting go of what no longer serves you
• Hypnosis – for deep relaxation, without ‘thinking’ getting in the way
• Theta Healing – accessing intuition and transpersonal wisdom (a much bigger picture)

You’ll find a brief explanation about how I use these processes on the ‘How I Work’ page.

For clinical references on these techniques, please email me via my Contact Form.

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