My Process For Coaching Change

My coaching method for build solid self-esteem and confidence

It’s hard to move forward if you don’t know what you want, where you are in your life or what your options are for moving ahead.

Coaching goals – The Wish ListIf frustration, anger or depression are stopping you in your tracks … then talking through your thoughts and concerns can make it easier to plan a way forward.

Deciding what you want or when you don’t know – starting with what you would ‘prefer’ –  is the way to move towards what you want to have happen in your life.


It’s not always a quick process and that can be uncomfortable for all of us who grew up used to ‘fast food’ solutions for almost everything.

But it’s important to live your life in a way that has meaning for you. And if you decide to do this work, it’s important that you experience positive results to motivate change. I guarantee this is work can make an enormous difference to your level of happiness and confidence, so you’ll find frustration replaced by enthusiasm and energy.

Discover how you can

• Rebuild your life when things fall apart
• Increase self-belief to grow in your career
• Gain the confidence and vision to live the life you want

A blend of therapies support safe, lasting change …

focus_techniquesA firm foundation of self esteem – based on self belief and sense of self worth – builds confidence naturally. In  sessions focused on supporting clarity and purpose, I use a combination of different approaches, including processes which involve body and mind together, such as:

• Cognitive Behavioural Coaching
• Emotional Freedom Techniques
• Hypnosis, and
• Theta Healing
• Therapeutic Use of the Arts
• Somatic Dialogue Work

How will Cognitive Behavioural Coaching help me?

CBT is a breakthrough coaching therapy for people battling with anger, anxiety and low self esteem. CBT Coaching gets to the heart of the issue by repectfully interviewing negative thoughts, memories and feelings. Facing thoughts and feelings which are often kept secret gives perspective on what is real and what is manufactured in the mind. In turn, this helps in getting clear about what you want.

What is EFT and how will it calm my anxiety?

Similar to acupressure, Emotional Freedom Techniques use a tapping process to interrupt anxiety in your thoughts and tension in your body. The point is to get uncomfortable, even traumatic, memories and thoughts up and out of the system so the negative charge which keeps you stuck is released.

Isn’t Hypnotherapy manipulative? Is it really safe?

Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation, which is used to explore different ways of thinking, feeling and acting. Hypnosis is not something you ‘go under’. Yes, a hypnotherapist does aim to influence you. But, an ethical therapist encourages you to do things that you agree are in your own interest.

In a session, I combine these and other techniques to support safe and lasting change.

You can read about how session work might go in the following case studies:

An Expat Adrift: Andrew’s Story
Amanda’s Story: Life Beyond Addiction

To ask any questions or to book your free self-esteem boosting session, you can send me a message by clicking the link below.

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